Lucky Ace Poker Review

There are many different types of online poker sites that you can go to and use. When you are trying to find a good one you are going to want to make sure that you can go to the site and be American because there are many online poker sites that do not allow you to be American and play on their sites. This Lucky Ace Poker review will go into detail different aspects and features that the site offers and gives to you as a player.

This site has quite a few nifty features for its players that allow them do many different things. One of the coolest things that this site does is that when you make your very first deposit of real money into your account they will give you $400 completely for free. This is amazing to be honest. Yet there is a catch to it. When you make the deposit of money they will only give you 25% of it which is immediately deposited into your account and the rest of the $400 will be later deposited into your account in increments of $1 per 10 Bonus Points that you acquire in your span as a poker player on their site.

Another really cool thing that this site offers is ranking. When you are playing online playing their many different kinds of poker games they will increase your rank. When your rank increases they will give you more bonus points per winning or however they exactly distribute their points. When you are becoming higher in rank you will have exclusive access to many different games and tournaments that are not normally aloud to players without having that high ranking. As I have stated before they do not allow Americans to play on their websites but they do allow every other country to play. They offer their game in many different languages including English, French, German, Romanian, Norwegian, Swedish, Bulgarian, and Italian. They have toll-free calling only for English, Spanish, and Italian. Some of the many different types of games that they offer are Texas Hold'em (my personal favorite), Omaha, Omaha High/Low, No Limit & Pot Limit games, and 7 Card Stud. When you are playing games on this website you are going to be playing with so many different people from around the world and will be getting a chance to play with some of the best players around the world.

There are other Lucky Ace Poker reviews out there that will go into greater depth than I have yet this is going to give you a general outline of what you are to expect when beginning to play on their website. There are as well not just this website but an entire network of websites on the 888 Poker Network that you can go to to play on.